About Us


About Us

ExpressYourselfBlog is a platform dedicated to the voice and the view of everyday people offering an outlet to ‘Express Yourself’ on trending Social & Political events and proposed Government Rules & Regulations that impact your daily life and more. Access to utilize tools and a comprehensive online Voter Resource Guide to register to vote, and vote in all elections to ensure your voice is heard. Discover ways you can in what matters to you, and impact the change you hope to see in the world.

Why ExpressYourselfBlog?

Creator’s Corner

About Our Mission:

Our mission for ‘Expressyourselfblog.com’ is to offer citizens an insight into the political processes that directly impacts their everyday lives in a way that is meaningful, and easy to access. We hope to provide information and resources that will provoke individuals to Get Involved and make a difference in moving social and political change, through creative expression, voting, and other civic actions. Keep citizens abreast of trending topics and offer them an opportunity to voice their views on all social aspects of their lives.

About Our Vision:

Our vision is to encourage all U.S. citizens to take action, and exercise their rights, by voting in all elections.

“The right to vote is a privilege, and every opportunity to employ that right should be expressed”.


Focus For Our Vision:

  • Increase voter registration.
  • Increase voter turnout for all elections, not just the Presidential Office or General Election cycle, but local and Midterm elections that most impact their daily lives (Gubernatorial, State/US Senate, State/US House, Mayoral, County Commissioner, etc.).
  • Offer general education, and resources that include the important difference between the ‘Primary’ and ‘General’ election cycles, general duties of elected officials, the political background of candidates, and which office to contact to push which legislation to help citizens #VoteInformed, #VoteAllElections#NowGetInvolved in what matters to them, and impact real change with emphasis on #YourVoiceYourView through the access to an online Voter Resource Guide and use of Social Media.

By presenting information in a singular location for the overall voting process, social and political challenges, and opportunities, we hope to bring more clarity to the importance of voting in each election, and encourage everyone to  and .

Tonya Renee’, Creator

Established 1/28/2015


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