Senator Patrick Leahy-President Pro Tempore | Second Impeachment Trial-Donald J. Trump

The Vote

After a five day trial of arguments to acquit or convict Donald J. Trump, a former President at his second impeachment trial, alas, decision day was here. The full Articles of Impeachment were read aloud on the Senate floor, and the long-anticipated culmination to the process, the vote commenced.

The vote, 57 to convict and 43 to acquit. While the majority of Senators voted to convict Donald J. Trump for inciting an Insurrection while President, which included Republican Leaders Mitt Romney and Bill Cassidy, the Senate failed to procure two-thirds or 67 votes required to convict, ultimately falling short on Republican support.

So in essence, Trump acquitted by the Republican Senate.

Full Video: The Reading of ‘The Articles Of Impeachment’ and The Vote Count

No Surprise

It is no surprise to anyone who has been following the Second Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump, that the majority of Republican ‘Leaders‘ in the Senate would vote to acquit Trump of Inciting an Insurrection, as laid out by the Articles of Impeachment put forth January 13, 2021. The Impeachment was drafted after the senseless and brutal attack on a U.S. Capitol in mob-fashion, by pro-Trump supporters and witnessed live by Citizens across the globe.

VP Pence Evacuated For Safety

This attack ended in injuries and death of U.S. Citizens. Vice President Pence and his family had to be evacuated for their safety.

An event stoked by Trump, while in office as an acting President. The Republican Leader out of Kentucky, Mitch McConnell confirmed his agreement to this fact with his statement immediately after the vote to acquit, “The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instruction of their President.”

Both the event, and the vote to acquit, made for a disheartening day for our Democracy.

Disheartening Day

The decision to acquit Trump for inciting an Insurrection as set forth by the Articles Of Impeachment, makes for a disheartening day in our history and warrants a Constitutional assessment of the future of a country, predicated on Democracy.

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