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I am, everyday people. Founder, Digital Director. Content Creator. Citizen Journalist. Editor-In-Chief. Voting Rights Advocate. Proud Pet Parent. Self-proclaimed Poet. Movie Lover. Foodie. Volcano Rider. Proud Recipient of U.S. President’s Volunteer Award, Bush Era.

Advocates for Social and Civic empowerment are my people and my inspiration. Background of note, former Corporate Global Banking Compliance Executive, proudly worked on behalf of everyday people.

Philosophy: “Speak Truth To Power. It’s not a foreign concept to integrity-minded leaders.”

~Tonya Renee’

Welcome to Expressyourrselfblog’s ‘Creator’s Corner’

The ‘Creator’s Corner’ is an introduction to unique Blog creations and expressions. I created as a passion. I wanted to expand the opportunity for civic engagement through information and access. ExpressYourselfBlog’s ‘Creative Commentary’ Blog post represents a unique perspective of news stories, social & political events, film & entertainment, and other general topics that interest and impact the lives of everyday people like me.

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ExpressYourselfBlog’s ‘Hot Table Topics’ Blog post features Expressyourselfblog’s original top stories of interest for everyday people.

ExpressYourselfBlog’s ‘Creative Video Commentary’ Series-Original video series created by and for ‘ExpressYourselfBlog. Videos political in nature, represent an interpretation of the primary message delivered by a political candidate or elected official, based on footage shot by the Creator of Expressyourselfblog, or the introduction of an original ExpressYourselfBlog video with a political message. The videos with candidates or elected officials are a creative expression only, and are not approved by the candidate appearing in the video, nor is the video an endorsement of the candidate by ExpressYourselfBlog. Videos may be incorporated in a Blog Post, or ExpressYourselfBlog Youtube Channel. Videos may also be available to view on other social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more).

ExpressYourselfBlog’s ‘Cartoon Creations’-Series of original political satire and other cartoon sketches or videos created by and for Expressyourselfblog to highlight the importance of voting in each election cycle. Available to view in Blog posts and other social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more).

ExpressYourselfBlog’s ‘Candidates Converse’ Series-Reserved for one on one conversations with candidates, elected officials, and community leaders to understand their perspective of their duties and responsibility to citizens.

Quotes and Poems Collection of Creator’s favorite quotes and poems.

Books Collection of Creator’s favorite books with commentary.


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