Devoid Democracy Or Process Adherence?

Is the Presidential Primary Election in North Carolina devoid of Democracy or process eligibility adherence? President Biden is the only option on the North Carolina 2024 Democratic Primary Sample Ballot for President. If you are a Citizen of North Carolina voting Democrat, you are only offered one choice for a Presidential Candidate in the 2024 Primary Elections. The Primary Elections generally offer Citizens the greatest opportunity to make their voices heard. Through voting in the Primary Election-cycle Citizens choose the last man or woman standing in their party for the General Election.

NC 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary-Sample Ballot

Process Adherence

That said, there is a protocol for process adherence in which each potential Candidate must abide to ensure their place on the Ballot. This process may be ever-changing and as with most applications, there are deadlines to consider. Any serious Candidate must be diligent in securing their spot on the Ballot to have the privilege of being an option for Voters.

The General Elections list the final Candidates per majority Citizen votes of who will hold the political office for the election cycle. The Citizens then have one final opportunity to choose the Candidate their collective Citizen community votes have presented. While their Candidate of choice may not be the last standing, Citizens usually accept the process and seize their opportunity to vote for the Candidate representing their party of preference.

Read More about the process as to why other potentially viable Democratic Presidential Candidates were not on North Carolina’s 2024 Democratic Presidential Primary Election Ballot, which goes beyond a voluntary campaign exit in the links below:

State Board Finalizes Presidential Primary Candidates

State Board Approves Presidential Primary Candidates

Citizens Have The Power To Choose

All Citizens have the power to choose whether the choice is clearly offered or not. Whether it’s seeking options for voting for the next President of the United States or a local Candidate, you decide how you will vote. If choices are not presented for a reasonable option to participate in a Democratic process or have been eliminated, don’t not vote, rather be creative in making your voice heard and make a statement that your vote counts.

Vote Early NC Primary Elections

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