I Am A Civic Citizen Campaign
I Am A Civic Citizen

Join us, participate in ExpressYourselfBlog’s non-partisan ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign, inspired by a collective vision of civic pride and Citizenship.

Civic Citizen

For the purpose of our Campaign, a ‘Civic Citizen’ is someone who votes in all Elections held during Primary, General, and Midterm Election cycles. The ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign takes it a couple of steps further. Participation in the Campaign is easy.

The first step of our ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign is simple. ‘Register To Vote’, then vote in all upcoming 2019 and 2020 Elections for your county, city or state. This may include Mayoral, City Council, Lieutenant Governor, and of course the Presidential race in 2020.


Civic Deeds

Next, share your ‘Civic Deeds’ via social media post, no matter how far back your deeds go we want to hear about them. What are ‘Civic Deeds’ exactly? Well, in this case, it’s a combination of deeds and civic engagement. The literary definition of a ‘Deed’ is ‘An action that is performed intentionally or consciously’, usually associated with ‘Good Deeds’. The term ‘Civic’ relates to your town, city, community, etc. So our definition of ‘Civic Deeds‘ refers to Citizens taking a personal initiative to do something good for the benefit of their community and country. This may be voting in every Election, volunteering for a Campaign, participating in a peaceful protest, sharing information to help keep Voters informed, supporting an issue resolution that benefits a Citizen majority, or participating in a community clean-up effort.


Civic Inspired

The last component of the ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign is to share civic inspired experiences. This would include any civic related experience that was inspiring, which could be a personal story or engagement with an individual or group either within or outside your political party. The civic inspiration may be related to an experience at a Campaign Rally, a connection with a Political Candidate, or something as simple as a statement made by a Politician, or Political Pundit that inspired you to share with others. It’s whatever made you feel inspired about being a part of a collective civic community in that moment.


When posting your ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign efforts on ‘Social Media’ use hashtag associated with participation, either #IAmACivicCitizen, #MyCivicDeeds or #CivicInspired.

We’re encouraging all Citizens, Politicians, Organizations, and Communities to get involved and participate in being a part of a collective ‘Civic Legacy Of Good’.

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