oe Biden Becomes the 46th President
Joseph Biden Jr. Becomes the 46th President Of the United States | View AP Results ‘Live’

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States of America, as people from around the world look on. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had the privilege of calling the state of Pennsylvania in Biden’s favor after a four day waiting period for the final vote count, officially naming him the ‘Projected Winner’ reaching 284 Electoral Votes, comfortably exceeding the required 270 to win the Presidency.

It was made evident early on in Election 2020 that the ‘Clearest Path to the Presidency, Pennsylvania’.

Joe Biden Elected President

Biden-Harris History-Making Victory

Election 2020 was a history-making victory for the Biden-Harris ticket. As a team, Biden and Harris made history with the most votes cast for their campaign than at any other time in our nation’s history, Nearly 75 million and counting as of Saturday, November 7,2020.

Biden-Harris Win Election 2020 And Make History

In addition, Senator Kamala Harris makes history of her own, as the first female, and the first Black, Asian-American elected Vice President of the United States Of America. A historic moment for our country. A historic moment for women in America. A historic and significant moment and recognition for Black Women in America, who have been consistently carrying Democratic elections with their voting electorate averaging for decades according to stats from Center for American Women And Politics.

Vice President Elect-Senator Kamala Harris

With political coalitions forming specifically to encourage women to lead the charge in voter turnout, it is almost certain Black Women will be front and center of these initiatives, and continue to be the force behind the votes that lead the next Candidate to White House.

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