Citizens came out in Charlotte North Carolina Sat June 3 for the ‘March For Truth’ rally to ensure their voices were heard. Their goal, to show public resistance to the current administration, and what they consider as its failed policies, that lack consideration for the concerns of their constituents.

March For Truth Rally
March For Truth Rally | Charlotte NC

The topics were as diverse as the crowds that showed up. Topics of concern expressed by citizens they contend are not being met by the current Republican majority administration included, affordable health care, climate change, and abandonment of tolerance that has led to an increase in hate crimes stemming from what a citizen believes to be rhetoric spoken from the head of the administration, Donald Trump, and the choice of leadership now manning the ship.

One message that was simple and consistent among the citizens that offered their voice and views to the crowd, ‘Hold Power To Account’ and demand an investigation into any collaborations, processes, or policy violations that threaten our democracy, and vote in every election. The overall message, in short, local elections have power and your voice and your view have an impact.

Some citizen leaders voiced concerns that specific news organizations are simply reporting, or repeating rhetoric rendered from White House leaders to the public, and are not being diligent enough in demanding explanations of stories or comments they do not believe credible. Rather accepting inexplicable explanations as standard political posturing. One voter seen addressing the crowd in ExpressYourselfBlog’s video stating, “The media is trying to normalize this President”. Another citizen explained “Alternative facts are not facts, they are lies”. Referencing a phrase coined by one of Trump’s key White House spokespersons, KellyAnne Conway when attempting an explanation to NBC’s correspondent Chuck Todd, why Press Secretary Sean Spicer found it necessary to lie about the size of Trump’s  inauguration crowd, when the information could be easily fact checked. This phrase along with ‘COVFEFE’, a word used by Donald Trump himself, in an early morning tweet, have become synonymous among citizens, with falsehoods or redirects for the media.

These Charlotte North Carolina politically savvy citizens know that political posturing can damage the lives of real families. In an act of solidarity, several crowd members offered recommendations on the most trusted news sources to watch, to make sure they are voting informed, and on behalf of their own best interest. A list of the most elite news sources for truth-seeking, according to everyday citizens, PBS, MSNBC, BBC, and Reuters were among the top mentioned. A direct quote from one citizen, to which she received a second motion in concurrence from the crowd, “MSNBC fact checks everything they say. They double-check, triple check. You can trust MSNBC”.

A pretty powerful endorsement of these news organizations, when you consider the unsolicited source, everyday citizens. Some might argue the voice and the view of everyday people is the only one that matters. This sentiment from citizens confirms, they are watching, listening, and challenging the media to move past the headlines and narratives provided by the White House, and help citizens navigate through the true impacts this administration’s policies have on their daily lives. Given the climate of the current administration’s efforts to ostracize the media citing ‘fake news’ as the cause, be fearless in holding power to account. Above all safeguard he truth. Demand and deliver the facts to the American people.

ExpressYourselfBlog, Creative Commentary