Daymond John's Success Formula | Free Entrepreneur Training Event | Charlotte NC
Daymond John’s Success Formula | Entrepreneur Training Event

FUBU Billionaire ‘The Shark’ Daymond John, brings his business savvy brilliance to North Carolina. Daymond John’s ‘Success Formula’ Entrepreneur Training Event is being offered free in various cities in North Carolina, with one option in Rockhill, South Carolina, July 18th-22nd. So, for entrepreneurs or aspiring hopefuls, hungry and ready to take a healthy bite into what is undoubtedly a huge and rare opportunity, this is definitely a win-win. Obtaining business guidance and gaining new insight into growing your brand from the team that works with this incredibly successful ‘Shark’, Daymond John, sharing the ‘Know-Hows’ of his ‘Success Formula’ first hand, is something you don’t want to miss. If you are serious and ready to take your business to the next level, or ready to jump-start your new business, be sure to Register and attend this free, and quite possibly game changing event.

Daymond John, dubbed ‘The People’s Shark’ of the hit ABC Television series ‘Shark Tank, is a pure powerhouse entrepreneur. You are simply in awe of his success story, that started with selling his hats around the neighborhood where he grew up, in Hollis, Queens New York. An incredible amount of hard work, and smart decisions landed him where he stands today, one of the most well-known, and highly respected business moguls in the world. His book ‘The Power Of Broke’, dispels the self-defeating notion, you need money to make money. Rather it explains, “How empty pockets, tight budget, and hunger for success can become your greatest competitive advantage”.

A fan of ‘Shark Tank’ since its first air date, watching Daymond John in action is a treat, and a weekly lesson in and of itself. He is a business icon, a master in the world of entrepreneurial endeavors. Still, there is that hint of humility in which he handles the engagement with entrepreneurs seeking guidance and support from the ‘Sharks’. He is tough, but always fair. He seems to really understand their journey,  and what they may have sacrificed to now stand before him and the other amazing team of ‘Sharks’, simply asking for a chance. It’s easy to understand why he is ‘The People’s Shark’.

Don’t miss out. Tickets are free. Registration is simple, offered online or via phone. Opportunity dates below:

Daymond John’s Success Formula | Free Entrepreneur Training Events |  North Carolina Cities
  • Huntersville, NC | Wednesday July 19
  • Concord, NC | Thursday July 20
  • Pineville, NC |Friday July 21
  • Charlotte, NC | Saturday July 22

Note:  Also in SC

Rockhill, SC July 18


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