Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat
Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat

Doug Jones Wins Alabama Senate Seat

The Alabama State Senate Seat has been one of the most sought after and publicized races this 2017 special election. After minority and other voters historically absent for this Election cycle storm the polls, Democrat Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate seat. The final vote count, Jones commands 50% and Moore comes in surprisingly close at 48.4 per CNN polls.

The symbolic act of voting and declaring victory, as if to say, ‘So Let It Be Done’, is borderline biblical. A reference Roy Moore may relate well to given his stance on the role of religion in politics. Moore’s statement in a video shared by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd , “Our rights don’t come from the government, they don’t come from ‘The Bill of Rights’, they come from all mighty God”. Chuck Todd’s conclusion of his views, “Roy Moore ‘Doesn’t Appear To Believe In The Constitution As It’s Written”. A win for Democrat Doug Jones in a ‘Red’ state is a powerful indictment of the people’s position against Republican Roy Moore’s policies and perhaps his perceptions of the Constitution.

Roy Moore
Republican Roy Moore


The allegations of sexual misconduct and assault against minor girls continue for Roy Moore. These claims may have been a key factor in women’s vote, more specifically Black women. There has been a ‘Black Women’ hashtag trending on social media, thanking them for the Alabama Senate Election victory, as they made up 97% of the votes for Doug Jones. Conversely, 65% of white women voted for Roy Moore.

Black Women Votes Win Alabama Senate
Women Win Alabama Senate Seat for Jones

Girl Power

Women are sending a message to Politicians, Corporate leaders and beyond that women have a voice and they will be heard. What is being dubbed on Social Media as, ‘Girl Power’ is gaining recognition and results as more women step forward with allegations of sexual harassment and assault and men in power are derailed in position and status.

More women achieving political power and changing laws in support of women’s rights will be the ultimate victory for our democracy.

2018 Critical Elections

So the question becomes, where do we go from here, as 2018 critical Elections are right around the corner. After the Alabama Senate win, the Democratic Party has momentum heading into the upcoming Mid-term Elections. Winners of the 2018 Elections are crucial. House and Senate seats of the legislative body, and the Judicial branch, most determine laws and policies that impact citizens. If the Alabama Senate race is any indication of voter preference, the Democratic Party may win back Congress in 2018.

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