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Elections are underway in Charlotte Mecklenburg and other counties across North Carolina. For citizens, this is a perfect opportunity to give in to political passions and head to the polls and vote in all elections to ensure your voice is heard loud and clear. Some of the elections on the ballot that most impact citizens day to day, are Charlotte and other Mayoral Elections, City Council At Large, Board of Education, Board of Commissioners, and more. These local elections should be the prime focus for every voter who cares about what is going on in their city as it relates to roads, jobs, and education. It starts here, locally, with each individual voter participating in the process to move their city and county forward.

Getting Involved

More and more Millennials are making an impact in political campaigns, ensuring their voices and views are known, by partaking in the overall political process. It begins with engaging with candidates. In addition to attending, some Millennials opt to run campaigns and community events. ExpressYourselfBlog caught up with a couple of young voters volunteering their time to support their Candidate of choice, and a big part of that support is showing up in every since of the word. While these two young citizens were enjoying themselves at the event, they were simultaneously, making a powerful statement with their presence and participation in a political process that goes beyond a Tweet. That message, I have knowledge of and care about the issues facing our nation, I get involved, and I vote.

Voter Guide | Information

Early Voting in the largest county in North Carolina, Mecklenburg, started October 19th and will continue through November 4th During this time, citizens may Register and Vote same day. Early voting days vary across different counties. View the breakdown of North Carolina State Board Of Elections voting opportunities across all counties via ExpressYourselfBlog’s Early Voting Voter Guide post.

Election Day for all counties November 7, 2017.

As always, enjoy the privilege of voting.

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