Republican National Convention 2020 In Charlotte
Republican National Convention 2020 In Charlotte

Republican National Convention 2020

It’s decided, the Republican National Convention 2020 will be hosted in Charlotte should the city win the bid, which is very likely (Update, the City of Charlotte won the bid). Charlotte City Council Members met at the Convention Center downtown today, Monday, July 16, 2018, to vote on whether or not the Republican National Convention (RNC) would be hosted in Charlotte, North Carolina for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election year. By a slim margin of six to five, vote approved to move forward with RNC 2020 in Charlotte.

The Vote

Charlotte City Council Members were obviously divided in their views and vote as to whether or not the Republican National Convention 2020 should be hosted in Charlotte during what is going to be a crucial Presidential Election year for Politicians and Citizens alike, who may be leery or even fearful of the negative energy and conflicts among the parties during the event. Here is a break-down of the votes for yes and no to RNC hosting in Charlotte. A most curious outcome. The majority yes votes appear to be those of the more seasoned City Council Members that includes, Eiselt, Mitchell Jr., Egleston, Phipps, Driggs, and the sixth vote cast by Bokhari. Conversely, many of the new-comers to the Council voting in a resounding no, which included Winston, Ajmera, Newton, Harlow, and surely no surprise to anyone, the ever-outspoken against the current Republican administration, Mayfield.

Vote Is Yes For RNC In Charlotte 2020
Charlotte City Council Votes Yes-RNC 2020 In Charlotte

What’s Good For Charlotte

Regardless of why each Council Member voted for or against the Republican National Convention (RNC) 2020 hosting in Charlotte North Carolina, one thing is clear, it’s about the bottom line and that bottom line equates to a generous revenue stream for the city of Charlotte and many local businesses and that’s good for all Charlotteans.

A part of the primary role as Mayor of the City of Charlotte is reviewing the annual budget, setting the tax rate, and approving the financing of all City operations according to Charlotte.Gov. As such, Mayor Vi Lyles and her City Council members are fulfilling one of the most important responsibilities to the Citizens of Charlotte by supporting the Republican National Convention in Charlotte for the 2020 Presidential Election cycle. As Citizens, isn’t that exactly what we want our elected officials to do, know and understand their role and responsibilities to the City and its Citizens and execute on that responsibility.

The case or argument to decline this request by the RNC may have been challenging for some City Council Members, given the revenue for the city and the fact that the 2012 Democratic Convention was held in Charlotte during a time when there was a critical opportunity to turn a historically red state blue.

While the potential for additional monies coming into the city by winning the bid for the city is certain, the counter-argument will be the cost to secure the city and ensure a safe environment during the event cycle, that will be accompanied by a very passionate Presidential Election year. But one may argue, that is the same expectation for any Presidential Convention given the simple nature of Politics.

What It Means For The Democratic Party

That said, what’s good for the city of Charlotte in terms of increased revenue, may not necessarily be good for the North Carolina Democratic Party. That is to say, if you are one that believes the energy of a city’s Citizens, much like fans of a Ball Club, generates confidence and momentum that ultimately converts to a win.

Democrats need not worry about such a scenario, however, if in fact they prepare their political platform and ensure there are an equal number of events generating an equal amount of energy during the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) Presidential Election year. There is certainly plenty of time to prepare, so no excuses, just action is needed on their part.

The National Spotlight

If you a Democrat running for office in 2020, no matter where you are in the country, Mayor Lyles and her City Council members that voted yes for the RNC Convention to be held in North Carolina, just offered you the perfect political platform on a silver platter. That is to say if the Democratic Party uses its savvy to take full advantage of the national spotlight, or international spotlight, more likely, for this highly anticipated 2020 Presidential Election.

That said, that means there isn’t a news organization in the United States for certain, that will not have a high powered lens focused directly on Charlotte, North Carolina Election 2020. The question now becomes, just what will they see?. Hopefully, the Democratic Party focusing only on the ‘Democratic Party’ by using every opportunity to talk about their agenda as a Political Party, while the whole nation is watching.

Meeting Of The Minds

If there isn’t already a meeting planned by the Democratic National Convention to have their top strategist and party leaders come together for a meeting of the minds if you will, to ensure a consistent and cohesive message about their plan to best serve the American people, that includes every branch of their party, Traditional Democrats, Progressive Democrats, and leaders of Our Revolution’, then there may be a problem.

What may potentially be even more problematic, the Democratic Party not having a clear understanding of the organization supporting Bernie Sanders, ‘Our Revolution’. Most importantly, how or if the organization aligns with the Democratic Party as a collective political base. If Twitter is an indicator, there may very well be carryover contention from the 2016 race. Both Clinton and Sanders supporters continue to have a strong opposition against the other, that appears less about the Candidates and more about what they appear to stand for. There appears to be a proverbial line drawn in the sand between Traditional vs. Progressives or some mixture of the two.

All eyes on Charlotte. What will they see, a chaotic divide, or a cohesive community of Democrats, with a message to match? If what the Democrats pulled off in 2018 Elections in North Carolina and across the country is any indication, it may quite possibly be the latter.

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Image Credit: DaShawn Brown, WSOC9 (Council Members)