Kenny Smith, Republican Nominee for the City of Charlotte Mayor talks about his vision for Charlotte residents with ExpressYourselfBlog at the ‘1st Annual Ballantyne Community Candidate Picnic’ event held recently. Both Mayoral Nominees, Kenny Smith and Vi Lyles, the Democratic Candidate, were offered an opportunity to connect with constituents one on one during this event sponsored by The Ballantyne Hotel. After the community’s questions to the Candidates subsided, ExpressYourselfBlog caught up with Smith and ask if there was anything he wanted to say to the citizens of Charlotte, North Carolina regarding his Candidacy, in which this position as Mayor would represent.

Kenny Smith | Republican Candidate for Charlotte Mayor
Kenny Smith | Republican Nominee for City Of Charlotte Mayor

Kenny Smith’s Vision for Charlotte

Smith was eager to offer his talking points, and appeared grateful for the opportunity to do so. Smith started by stating, “We are at a transformational point in our city’s history”. He went on to elaborate, by stressing “The decisions we make in the next two years is going to impact our city for the next fifty (50 years)”. This sentiment as it relates to legislative power and responsibility to the people, seems to echo the message during the presidential campaign of 2016. Candidates, Political Leaders, and Pundits alike voiced concerns that a Republican Trump Presidency would take our country backwards 50 years, eroding any progress of essential movements in our history such as Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, and Human Rights, to name a few.

Smith contended that the next Mayor for the City of Charlotte should possess attributes such as “leadership, vision”, and a “communication style” that in essence plays well with others, and promotes a healthy collaboration with the 11 member body of the council. Working together as a cohesive team for the Citizens of Charlotte on goals to help “Push our city forward” says Smith.  Smith talked about the need for our legislators to get back to focusing on what he calls the Core Functions of the position as Mayor and a City Council team, “Safety, Infrastructure, Jobs, and Economic Mobility”. Of course, Mr. Smith believes he is the right Candidate to do just that. In the end, the all-powerful voters have the last word.

Voter Guide | Early Voting

Early Voting in the largest county in North Carolina, Mecklenburg, started October 19th and will continue through November 4th. During this time, Citizens may Register and Vote same day. Early voting days vary across different counties. View the breakdown of North Carolina State Board Of Elections voting opportunities across all counties via ExpressYourselfBlog’s Voter Guide | Early Voting post.

As always, enjoy the privilege of voting.

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