North Carolina Elections 2019
Key Upcoming North Carolina Elections 2019

North Carolina Elections 2019

There are several key upcoming North Carolina Elections 2019 voters should keep on their radar. Just around the corner is the City Of Charlotte Elections that includes Charlotte’s Mayoral, City Council, and other important local races. In addition, there will be Special Elections held in 2019. Access links below to view all upcoming Elections for your specific county.

ExpressYourself-Register To Vote
ExpressYourself-Register To Vote

If you live in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District, a very important Special Election will take place, September 10, 2019. The circumstances requiring a new Election garnered national attention.

Why is the 9th District Special Election so important? Current Democratic Candidate Dan McCready offers an overview of what prompted the rare redo Election in his own words, during a Democratic County Convention held Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Special Elections

District 9 Special Election Information

Candidate List

Primary: May 14

Second Primary:* September 10

General Election | Election Day

  • If no Second Primary: September 10
  • In the case of Second Primary: November 5

District 3 Special Elections Information

Candidate List

Primary: April 30

Second Primary:* July 9

General Election | Election Day

  • If no Second Primary: July 9
  • In the case of Second Primary: September 10

Early Voting Dates for Special General Elections Districts 3 and 9: August 21 through September 6 for September Elections. Other Early Voting Dates/ Locations for District 3. Polls open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Check your county to confirm times.

Charlotte Mayoral, City Council & Other Municipal Elections

Candidate Listing-View Complete Candidate List and Office

Early Voting For Primary Elections-August 21-September 6

Primary Election Day-September 10

Early Voting For General Election-Wednesday October 16 through Friday, November 1

Election Day November 5

Polls open 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. for most counties during Primary and General Municipal Elections. Check your specific county for confirmations. View ‘One-Stop’ Voting portal for days, locations and times to vote early.

Important Voter Information

Register To Vote-North Carolina Board of Elections Voter Portal

Important Deadlines-To Register, complete Absentee Ballot and more.

View a list of One-Stop Early Voting polling dates, locations and times or enter county to find your location for One-Stop Early Voting. Early voting information for your county available once dates near for regular Election cycle. Eligible individuals may register and vote during the one-stop early voting period.

Polling Place Look Up-Where you must vote for your precinct

Voter Absentee Look Up-Find your precinct, district, upcoming elections for your area, sample ballots (Available mid-August) and more.

NOTE: Voter ID not required until 2020 Elections. 

Enjoy the privilege of the vote ~ExpressYourselfBlog

Source-Voter Elections: North Carolina State Board Of Elections. View direct links for additional Election information for your specific county.

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