There will be a Special Election held Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 or a Congressional District 9 do-over, due to Election Fraud involving Republican Candidate Mark Harris’s Campaign. The do-over was prompted by irregularities in the election results. An investigation ensued and concluded the irregularities were due to fraudulent practices used to alter the outcome of the 2018 Election in Republican Mark Harris’s favor.

Dan McCready Speaks Candidly

Candidate for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District in the U.S. House, Democrat Dan McCready speaks candidly about the scandal that brought national attention to his state. In his own words, he offers specific attempts made by his former Republican opponent, Mark Harris to win the election through corrupting the voting process. Candidate McCready’s primary and consistent campaign message “Put country before party.” His plan, in short, serve all Citizens with integrity.

Dan McCready Candidate for U.S. Congress NC 09 District
Dan McCready | Candidate for U.S. Congress NC09 District

Dan McCready was the Democratic Candidate running against Harris during North Carolina’s 2018 Congressional Elections for District 9. As a result of the findings, and the decision to redo the Election, McCready has been campaigning since the last election cycle. Can McCready expect a clear victor this time around now that he has a new Republican contender, Dan Bishop? The hope is that the Election fraud was limited to the Harris Campaign, and the North Carolina Republican Party had no part in the process to steal an Election, and silence the voice of the Voters.

While it may be true that the NC Republican Party was completely clueless of the Harris Campaign intentions, will Voters associate the fraud with former Republican Candidate Mark Harris and his party regardless? If so, the current Republican Candidate Dan Bishop may have challenges with guilt by association.

Board Of Elections Unpresendented Decision

The North Carolina Board of Elections unprecedented decision not to move forward with the results of the 2018 Election for Congressional District 9, not only prompted a redo with a Special Election but brought focused attention to the prevalence of Election Fraud. Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress District 9 Dan McCready talked about the 2018 decision about the Election during a Democratic County Convention stating, “I was as surprised as anybody to see the state Board of Elections in a unanimous decision, refused to certify the results of this race.” The results showed a win for Republican Mark Harris. McCready went on to speak to a decision that needed to be made, eluding to his campaign and the Democratic Party as a collective. In essence, there was a choice to either stand down or do nothing, which would support business as usual or fight against corruption. McCready declared, “We chose to fight. We shined a light on that fraud.” His statement was received with thunderous applause.

Send A Message With The Vote

Like many Elections, but perhaps with a specifically targeted intent, the Citizens of South Charlotte will have a unique opportunity to send a message with the vote for U.S. Congress 9th District race. For Citizens tired of continued attempts to corrupt the most sacred of the political processes, the Voter’s right to choose, the message will be a definitive ‘No’ against any Candidate or Political Party they feel may impede on their privilege to have their voices heard.

So the question becomes, who will the Voters view as the Candidate that can combat their frustrations about the process, and in essence shows the most integrity as a Politician and person. If you are Democrat Dan McCready, you are hoping after the 2018 Election Fraud investigation of the 9th Congressional District race that forced his Republican opponent to step down, that the people would surmise he respects the integrity of the vote and was found to be above reproach in that matter as the Candidate still standing after the scandal.

Unfortunately for McCready, Voters are not one-dimensional. While this has been a long and laborious race to the Congressional finish line for him, engaged Voters will be seeking to understand every aspect of the leader that can best serve their District. Election Fraud is crucially significant, especially given the final reports regarding the investigation of Russia interference in U.S. Presidential 2016 Election.

That known, some Voters may not find that level of corruption of the Constitution in the 2016 Presidential Election, and lack of moral integrity identified in the first 2018 9th Congressional District race regarding Election Fraud egregious enough to make it a single-issue voting decision. Even if they do, there are still two Candidates to choose from, Democrat Dan McCready, and Republican, Dan Bishop. The duel of the two Dan’s if you will, neither of whom were were a part of the 2018 Election Fraud scandal. And so, due diligence of the Candidate’s background, qualifications, and overall ability to serve 9th District Constituents and their unique priority issues may weigh more heavily on the Vote than the political moral malfeasance that presided over the first race.

That Citizen assessment process may be a factor in Candidate McCready’s favor. He could argue, not only has he been thoroughly vetted at this stage in the process, in addition, but for Election Fraud he would have been a clear winner or the people’s choice for U.S. Congress District 9 seat.

Election Dates Congressional District 9

Special Election Day for Congressional District 9, scheduled for Sept 10, 2019. If a second Primary is required, Election Day Nov 5, 2019. Vote early for this election August 21 through September 6th. Find a list of One-Stop Early Voting polling locations and times or enter county to find your location for One-Stop Early Voting. View other key Upcoming North Carolina 2019 Elections.

Enjoy the privilege of the vote.


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