NC LT. Governor Candidate Bill Toole | Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
NC LT. Governor Candidate Bill Toole | Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ®

Stand Tall Against Sexual Violence

North Carolina Leuitnent Governor Candidate, Bill Toole ‘Slips Into Stilettos’ to stand tall against sexual violence in support of Safe Alliance Charlotte’s
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ®  event to be held Saturday, April 27th at
NoDa Brewing Company, located at 2921 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte NC. starting at 10:00 a.m.

This important event held during April for ‘Sexual Assault Awareness Month‘ (SAAM), is a community outreach to raise awareness about a serious issue of Domestic and Sexual violence, in a playful manner that challenges men to literally walk in women’s high heels, or at least be willing to make the attempt to bring focus to an important cause.

Candidate Bill Toole and his team participate under the ‘Sisterhood Share Club’ team, a women’s learning, and empowerment social network. In a tweet, Candidate Toole encourages others to make a statement and stand up against this social epidemic, and support or participate by walking the walk to empower women and anyone impacted by Domestic or Sexual violence.

While Candidate for NC Lieutenant Governor 2020 Elections, Bill Toole stumbles several times as he attempts to strut in women’s high heels, he is not discouraged. Rather, he tries again and again and gladly endures and even joins in on the relentless laughter by onlookers at his expense, knowing every chuckle is worth the awareness it brings to the cause. Perhaps further confirming he is among those special men that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as a strong statement against Domestic and Sexual violence, and to promote prevention and expand resources for survivor support.

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ® was formed in 2001 as a small group of men tottering around in heels to raise awareness about sexual violence. Today, the event has tens of thousands of participants internationally, raising millions of dollars for rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, and other sexualized violence education and prevention programs.

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes | Safe Alliance Charlotte
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes | Safe Alliance Charlotte

Opening communication about sexual violence is critical in our community. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get people talking about this challenging, personal, and often unfamiliar topic. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes ® provides us the opportunity to get talking by improving gender relations and demonstrating that everyone can be a valuable partner in helping to make our world a safer place. 

All proceeds from the event will benefit ‘Safe Alliance’ directly.

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