Puerto Rico | Hurricane Maria
Puerto Rico Devastated by Hurricane Maria | Help Needed

Puerto Rico Devastated by Hurricane Maria | Help Needed

Puerto Rico has been devastated by the latest storm surge, Hurricane Maria. The ladies of ABC’s The View took time to talk with the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello about help that is desperately needed. Whoopi Goldberg ask, ” Who is the most at risk”, he responded “Those that are most vulnerable are “Children, Elderly, and those that are in hospitals”.

Sara Haines inquired about help from The White House, “How do you think they are doing in response so far, and do you think it is enough? “. Governor Rossello seemed cognoscente about choosing his words carefully as not to disrupt relations with Trump, stated there were 2 components. One, Trump has been in touch and the Governor thanked him for “issuing pre-land emergency declarations”, and issuing instructions to FEMA, etc. Second, the concerns he called “Logistical threats” of getting food and other supplies to the people, stating “Transportation of the help that is arriving to Puerto Rico, is becoming a bottle neck and what we really need is human resources”.

Joy Behar wanted to know about the residents of Puerto Rico and what she referred to as “Getting back to their normal lives”, asking “When will they get power back?” To put it into perspective just how damning the situation is for the people, Governor Rossello answered, “The level of devastation in the power grid is unprecedented”. He went on to note, “Transmission lines were completely destroyed”. He then offered a comparison to Hurricane Irma, recalling when she passed through Puerto Rico, as powerful as she was, there was no loss of power grids. They are now seeking “Creative alternatives”. Hinting, it is hard to say just when they will have power again.

Sunny Hostin wrapped up with the segment with information on how fellow citizens could lend their help through RedCross.org, or Text ‘Maria’ to 90999, which automatically prompts a $10 donation. The same process offered by the organization for Hurricane Harvey, making it easy for citizens to get involved.

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