Election Day In North Carolina
Election Day In North Carolina

Election Day

Today is Election Day for dozens of local Elections in several counties across the state of North Carolina. Local offices most impact voter’s day to day lives. City of Charlotte Mayor is one of the primary Elections taking place. The Candidates in that Election are Republican Kenny Smith, and Democrat Vi Lyles. The Mayoral position is supported by your local City Council members, and these seats are equally important in impacting policies that affect citizens on a local level. In addition to Mayor of Charlotte, and City Council seats, the Board of Education and other county Mayoral Elections take place today.

Voting is a privilege, and having an opportunity to impact the social and economic outcome of your family, and community with a vote is a powerful position to be in as a citizen. Voting only takes a few minutes in most cases, as the Early Voting process has allowed for more voting options on various days, eliminating the bottleneck of voters waiting in line for hours. That said, voting is always worth the wait.

Voter Information

Election Day for all counties and final opportunity to vote is Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Polling places open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7:30 p.m.

Visit North Carolina Board of Elections to Confirm just who is on the ballot and where you can find your polling place. On Election Day, November 7th, all voters must vote at their assigned precinct. The One-Stop Early Voting that offered people several convenient polling places near their home or work, ended Saturday November 4th.

As always, enjoy the privilege of voting.

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