Vi Lyles | Charlotte Mayoral Candidate responds to a Citizen’s question at a Community Debate Forum held recently. The question, “The first 100 days once you are elected, what is your top priorities?”. Location: Ballantyne Community Candidate Picnic | Charlotte NC | Oct 15, 2017

Charlotte Mayoral Candidate | Vi Lyles
Vi Lyles | Charlotte Mayoral Candidate

Vi Lyles | Charlotte Mayoral Candidate

Response To Question: Top Priorities For First 100 Days If Elected Charlotte Mayor

Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Vi Lyles starts her response to the Citizen’s question of her top priorities in the first 100 days if elected with a clarifying statement, “The first 100 days is not what I am going to do, it’s what kind of culture we are going to create”. Lyles goes on to elaborate on her introductory statement to the question by focusing on what sounded like the core components required to ensure progress and success of issues she plans to tackle, and advancements she plans to achieve as Mayor. Success, in other words must be rooted in trust. Lyles stated she would begin with a “Look through the lens of how do we build trust in our communities”. Focusing her response on the importance of integrity, she inferred a key attribute for a Mayor is “Living up to what you say you are going to do”. A statement that has been a cornerstone throughout Lyles’ campaign. A clear counter to the historical version of politicians people have come to know and distrust. A strategic move on her part that highlights one of her strongest and well-known attributes among colleagues and community of being trustworthy, and separating herself from the negativity of political norms. Namely, a of lack of follow-through on campaign promises. Something that seems to annoy Lyles as much as, if not more than the Citizens who continue to be impacted by failed promises of professional politicians.

Top Priorities That Resonate Most With Voters

Lyles began her response to her top priorities should she be elected Mayor with a focus on a foundation that inspires and promotes change. An assurance for the crowd of voters that gathered, she understood there has been a palpable political divide preventing bipartisan agendas from succeeding for the good of the people, and a basic healing needed to be addressed. Lyles then offered an agenda that has often been promised but too often not delivered to the American people, and so remains the top priorities that resonate most with voters. Lyles laid out her final priorities like a pathway where promises can, and will prevail under her leadership as follows:

  • Taking action by creating workforce development opportunities
  • Committing to our affordable housing plan
  • Being prepared in this year’s budget to add safety, Police Officers, and Fire Fighters where we need to

A tall order, but one the Democratic Mayoral Nominee Vi Lyles appears confident she can and will fulfill, as promised.

Voter Guide

Early Voting continues through November 4th. During this time, Citizens may Register and Vote same day. Early voting days vary across different counties. View the breakdown of North Carolina State Board Of Elections voting opportunities across all counties via ExpressYourselfBlog’s Early Voting Guide post.

As always, enjoy the privilege of voting.

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