Candidate Victoria Nwasike

I recently had an opportunity to meet Victoria Nwasike, a Black female, and proud Republican Candidate for Charlotte City Council District 7-Ballantyne, poised to win.

Victoria Nwasike
Victoria Nwasike | Republican Candidate for Charlotte City Council District 7 Seat

Immediately upon meeting Victoria, I found her to be very warm and engaging. I attended one of her campaign events at the invite of a friend who thought I might be interested in an interview with her. One of my passions is Civic engagement. More specifically, I conduct impromptu and/or scheduled interviews with Political Candidates and share my videos to offer exposure they rarely obtain through traditional media as local Candidates with limited funds. Most importantly, as a result of limited exposure Citizens often have little to no information about their Candidacy, making it challenging to vote informed.

The primary goal behind my passion with ExpressYourselfBlog is to offer more information and access to the political process to everyday Citizens. That includes knowledge of Candidates seeking to serve and represent their community.

Black Female Republican

I must admit, I was eager for an opportunity to speak with Candidate Victoria Nwasike, a Black Female Republican running in my District. While the number of African American Republicans may have increased over the past 50 years, it is still somewhat of a rare Political preference for People of Color. I was interested in knowing more about her choice, and so I requested a brief interview before she began her day of canvassing. I made her aware, I was not in attendance for the activities, rather a chance interview. She quickly agreed, radiating the same enthusiasm and energy she displayed in her interactions with all the volunteers awaiting a day of canvassing in support of her Campaign.

I wanted to start by addressing the most obvious, and ask ahead of recording if it were ok to frame my first statement and question as follows:  

“You are a Black woman running on a Republican ticket”.

“Tell me what appealed to you about the Republican agenda that made you want to run as a Republican for Charlotte City Council District 7 in Ballantyne?”.

While the words came out slightly different, it was merely semantics, and the intent of the question was the same. She graciously agreed, taking it all in stride and offering a big smile signifying familiarity with the line of questioning pertaining to her political preference. What some may perceive as a question of judgment, I can truly say for me it was a simple matter of curiosity, as my family runs 50/50 across the Political divide. Most importantly, an opportunity to remind Political parties that Black Republicans make up part of the voting block and their reasoning varies.

So, I really wanted to understand the specific Republican agenda that was a primary focus over all else. In addition, learn if her interest in the party differed in any way to what I have come to know from Republican family members. For the record, Candidate Nwasike’s appeal to the party did, in fact, differ from my family. More evidence of the many nuances that exist among the voting community, representative of this beautiful thing we call Democracy.

Political Preference Explained

In response to my question about her Political Party preference, Candidate Nwasike articulated her decision with ease and conviction. She started by offering a clarifying statement, “I am actually a lifelong Republican. I’ve been a Republican since I registered to vote”. She continued, “Also, just the greater principals that the Republicans have stood for over the years”. I gleaned from her response she wanted to make the point her support is rooted in the parties history or more specifically traditional conservative values, more in keeping with the Regan or McCain era. She went on to state what those values or policies were, “Republicans have stood for limited government and lower taxes, which is what has always appealed to me”, she concluded. Her response confirmed her party support is predicated on the traditional conservative agenda.

In response to my questions on what she considered to be the top issues for the District in which she was seeking to serve, and her plans to resolve said issues, Candidate Nwasike was equally prepared to state her top priorities for Ballantyne, and her history and experience to support District 7 as it relates to their unique priorities. Her top two which encompasses other issues she detailed during the interview:

  • Traffic, Congestion, and Roads
  • Issues Related to Lack of Planning and Development

She offered several initiatives she has either started or co-managed as it relates to specific issues in Ballantyne, and as a result of her community advocacy, stated she has been dubbed ‘The Voice of South Charlotte’ by the South Charlotte Weekly. That commendation of her service to the community became the obvious tagline for her campaign.

Poised To Win

In addition to her knowledge of issues in the District in which she is seeking to serve, Candidate Nwasike has only a Primary opponent to beat, and should she succeed, will run unopposed for the General Elections in November as currently, there is no Democratic Candidate who has thrown their hat in the ring.

Recap, should Candidate Nwasike win the 2019 Primary Election, and has no Democratic opposition, she will be the only Candidate in the 2019 General Elections in a historically predominantly Red District. Given those factors, she is certainly poised to win Charlotte’s City Council seat for District 7, as she will literally be the only ‘Women’ and Candidate standing.

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