Why ExpressYourselfBlog is the best resource for everyday people to vote informed and vote in all elections. ExpressYourselfBlog is the original platform dedicated to the voice and the view of everyday people, offering opportunities to ‘Express Yourself’ on Social & Political events, and discover ways you can Get Involved in what matters to you and impact real change.

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  • Politics news for everyday living
  • Tools and resources to register to vote and Vote All Elections
  • First to offer Citizen ‘Voter Registration Challenge’
  • First to offer reminders for Voter Registration, Early Voting, and the all important Midterm & Local elections via Social Media
  • First to share information from diverse resources for opportunities on how you can and make a difference in moving Social & Political change
  • First to offer links to various sites to complete petitions, and comment on proposed government regulatory rules that impact your daily life
  • Education and information on political terms, duties of Elected Officials, and bios of Candidates in one place.
  • Original commentary on Social & Political events and more
  • ‘Creator’s Corner’-An introduction to unique Blog expression, original political video/sketch creations, and more

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