Tracy Morgan | The Last O.G.
Tracy Morgan On ‘The View’

Tracy Morgan On ‘The View’

What a way to start a Monday. Comedian and Actor, Tracy Morgen was a guest on ABC’s ‘The View’, and was all smiles as he walked out and approached the ladies to take his rightful place in the center of the iconic table. Watching Tracy Morgan on ‘The View’ was a sheer joy, and the ultimate Monday motivation. As he pulled up and took a seat among the ladies, all of the woes of the world seemed to melt away far behind his infectious smile and positive energy. Each of the ladies were literally grinning from ear to ear with sincere enjoyment in his presence. Like a gentleman, he very easily made them all feel at ease, offering Meghan McCain street cred with a new nickname.

Just Call Me ‘Nay Nay’

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Just Call Me ‘Nay Nay’

For those so inclined and most certainly if you are Tracy Morgan, you may now refer to Meghan McCain by her newly appointed nickname, ‘Nay Nay. An honor granted to her as the ‘Pretty Cousin’, by Tracy Morgan during his guest appearance on ABC’s ‘The View’. A name inspired at least in part, by the golden locks coiled together in French braids she adorned on Monday’s show. She seemed genuinely smitten and honored with the name, as a term of endearment. Meghan played along with funny man Morgan as he pondered a nickname, stating “You can call me anything you want.” So, if during an introduction to Meghan McCain she says, ‘Just call me Nay Nay’, you’ll know the genesis. It could happen.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Tracy Morgan was filled with a child-like excitement as he talked about his ‘Star’ on the famous ‘Hollywood Walk Of Fame’. The honor noticeable gave him a great sense of pride. Morgan seemed overwhelmed as he spoke about being among the ‘greats’ that made him want to pursue comedy, like Jackie Gleason and Buster Keaton. You shared that moment of palpable pride, as he reveled at the significance of his ‘Star’ being, as he explained, “Right next to Lena Horne. A true Hollywood legend.

Most Decorated Female | Whoopi Goldberg

In true Tracy Morgan fashion to defer from himself and recognize fellow entertainers, he gave a shout out to Whoopi Goldberg for being a member of a very exclusive club of entertainers who have been able to attain the elusive ‘EGOT’. As he pointed to Goldberg he stated, “To me the most decorated female is sitting right there.” In true Whoopi fashion, she remained humble as the attention was hurled her way, and quickly tried to redirect attention towards their guest.

Grateful And Honored To Give Back

During the ladies conversation with Tracy Morgan, Whoopi Goldberg took a moment to direct the conversation to his philanthropic efforts. Tracy was emotional and passionate as he talked about the Brooklyn neighborhood in which he grew up. He talked about the importance of reaching back, stating, “I wanted to be a celebrity to give back in a real way”. And give back he did, returning to Bed Stuy to unveil new basketball courts at Marcy Playground.


Tracy Morgan | The Last O.G.

Tracy Morgan is ‘The Last O.G.’, or original gangsta in his new series that chronicles an ex-con’s reentry into society after fifteen years in the penal system. The first episode shows just how much the old neighborhood has changed, and ‘The Last O.G.’ is baffled by the unfamiliar surroundings. The hardcore streets he struggled through have been completely transformed, and are unrecognizable. And so, his journey as a free man in a new world and understanding his place in it begins.

Tracy Morgan’s ‘The Last O.G.’ airs Tuesday nights on TBS.

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