Citizen, be prepared. Voting in the Primary Election cycle for all elections is crucial to ensure your candidate of choice will be the last man, or woman standing to represent you from a state and local level and in the big race, the coveted Presidency in the General Election.

ExpressYourselfBlog-Five Crucial Steps To Prep For Voting:

Step One: Register to vote and Vote by Mail here online. Complete a ‘State Absentee Ballot’ form for ‘Absentee Voting’. Encourage a friend, family member, or fellow citizen to do the same. Note: Not all states offer registration online.

Voter Deadlines By State –Voter Registration, Absentee VotingEarly Voting and Election Day deadlines.

ID Requirements By State-Confirm accepted identification in advance of voting and, take required verification to the polls.

Other Key 2016 Races-*Gubernatorial (Governor), Congressional (U.S. Senate and House), State Judicial/Legislative…

Step Two: Know the Candidates. How does your Presidential Candidates  compare to your view? Congressional Primary Election nationwide candidates and voting dates by state. Gubernatorial Primary Election nationwide candidates and voting dates by state.

Step Three: Know the role and power of your elected officials. Government 101: President  Congress  Governor 

Step Four:  Find voting location and confirm timelines for your state ‘Polling Place Look-up’. Mark your calendar and go ‘VOTE’.

Step Five: Enjoy bragging rights, to say ‘I VOTED’ therefore I can voice my opinions, approvals, or disapprovals on any topic related to the process.

*Important To Note: Elections are staggered by state, so elections for offices are not held statewide during the same cycle or year.

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