Government Of Autocracy
Government Of Autocracy-Dangerous Precedents

Government Of Autocracy

Evidence we may be headed towards a government of Autocracy. President-Elect Trump and members of the GOP party have been setting or attempting to set some dangerous precedents, with little to no resistance. Autocracy Defined: A form of government in which absolute control lies in the hands of a single person, or of a tightly held group of people. Under autocratic law, the ruler has unlimited and undisputed power (Source: Legal Dictionary.net). Limited appointments or positions of power include members of the Democratic party to support a diverse and collaborative view point for policies impacting the people.

So, the question becomes, is any supermajority a form of government ‘Autocracy’?

Are We Headed Towards ‘Autocracy’?:#Trump picks & choses how news will be disseminated #Autocrat #Autocracy @CNNPolitics @MSNBC @ABCPolitics https://t.co/Igiy4Om1Hk

Evidence Of Autocracy

Most recent evidence we may be headed toward a government of Autocracy, President-Elect Donald Trump is now picking and choosing how news will be disseminated, by refusing to allow questions from certain news organizations he feels will not offer ‘favorable’ commentary about him, dubbing it ‘Fake News’. This was the case during a recent news conference involving a CNN senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, in which Trump refused to take questions from him, quoting, “I’m not going to give you a question, you are Fake News”. This act, in conjunction with other positions of refusal by Trump to adhere to government policies or previous precedent for the office of President, so far without consequence, is the very definition of ‘Autocracy’, that includes domineering rule or control.

Blind Trust

Notably, Trump has refused to set up a ‘Blind Trust’ under the guidelines set forth, and has openly stated he will not release his tax returns. This mindset from a President-Elect, makes for a dangerous precedent and uncertainty of things to come. Couple this component with the fact that we now have a government that is controlled by a singular political party. A party who recently attempted to remove an independent monitoring agency, the ‘Ethics Committee’, who is appointed to protect the country and its citizen’s best interest. In addition, in states like North Carolina, this same party has been cited by the Federal and/or U.S. Supreme Courts for implementing legislation found to be ‘Unconstitutional’, ‘Discriminatory’, or a violation of ‘Civil Rights’. The nationally recognized House Bill 2, better known as #HB2, various forms of voter suppression tactics such as Gerrymandering, and most recently the attempt to extract the newly elected Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of his executive power.

Power Of The People:When citizens actively get involved beyond elections things happen #Ethics #CivicDeed#YourVoiceYourView #NowGetInvolved https://t.co/hxXKI4HgpD

@Trevornoah deftly points out that CITIZENS thwarted backhanded #Ethics maneuvers by GOP.
With phonecalls.#wednesdaywisdom#TheResistance — BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) January 4, 2017


Economic Drain:Charlotte Chamber calls for a ‘reset’ on HB2, Charlotte ordinance controversies » https://t.co/SpbVmTBxz1 #WatchWBTV #ncpol

Fed Court orders NC to redraw 28 House & Senate districts ruled unconstitutional & hold elections Fall 2017 https://t.co/WTG5tQ4cCx #ncpol

US high court refuses to reinstate North Carolina voter ID https://t.co/fqUBAtX90g #VotingRights #VoteAllElections #ncpol

Presidential Appointments Have Impact

Presidential appointments have impact, and is a key indicator of the direction of a country. Currently, there are hearings for an appeal to appoint or confirm an individual who has as U.S. Senator Cory Booker describes him as someone “We cannot count on to defend”, and then goes on to recount several causes concerning citizens such as ‘Voting Rights’ and ‘Women’s Rights’, to name a couple.

Actress Meryl Streep reminds us all of the importance of the Press, and she reminds them to “Hold Power To Account and Safeguard the Truth” during her speech at the 2017 Golden Globes.

As President Obama stated in his final ‘Farewell Address’, “We all share the same proud title. The most important office in Democracy. Citizen”. That title has a great deal of power.

In conclusion, President Obama said it best in his personal address to American citizens. ” Show up. Dive in. Stay at it”.

Complacency Is Not An Option

ExpressYourselfblog encourages all citizens, no matter party affiliation to remain diligent. Complacency is not an option, nor is it effective. Inspect what you expect from your government to ensure democracy is at work for all Americans, and take action to #GetInvolved when it is not. Citizens protest via calls to the Senate, halted plans to remove independent oversight of the all important ‘Ethics Committee’. Citizens will always have power.

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