Citizens, allow your voice to be heard. Whether you support the current gun control laws, or feel an addendum should be reviewed, take action on your view by writing to your elected officials. Politicians and law enforcement agree, amending gun control legislation will not prevent violence in America. The consensus is the problem is far more reaching, and may be a result of multiple gaps in policy that includes but is not limited to, mental illness, ease in which a firearm can be obtained, limited surveillance on public streets, or the type of firearms available to civilians. There are many potential causes that have been discussed over the years. The challenge is, the root cause has yet to be confirmed. As such, all resolution or attempts for resolutions have been halted, or  slowed. Today on ‘Morning Joe’ guest Eugene O’Donnell of John Jay College Criminal Justice conceded, “Guns are the common denominator”. Does that suggest, we may have a point of reference by which to begin to curtail this recurring violence?

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Call To Action On Gun Violence-‘People’ magazine offers citizens contact information for all 535 voting members of U.S. House and Senate