Mayor of Charlotte North Carolina, Jennifer Roberts supports ‘We the People’, no funding will be allotted for a new Soccer Stadium. In a Charlotte Observer article, the Mayor citing, ” It’s not responsible to the taxpayers when we don’t have all the answers to their questions”. The article goes on to quote the Mayor as saying “It doesn’t mean we don’t ever want to do soccer”. Staying true to the bedrock message of her campaign in 2015, the best decisions for our city “Come from our Charlotte living rooms”.

A mix of Democrats and Republicans alike were against the proposal. Supporting this endeavour would come at a hefty price tag indeed. Charlotte Observer reports Mecklenburg Commissioners had already approved spending $43.75 million on a new soccer stadium.

Mayor Roberts had previously sent a ‘Tweet’ inviting the public to weigh in for a meeting that was to be held Friday, January 27th at 4:00 p.m. Some constituents had already begun responding via Twitter, and the general consensus was against funding a Soccer Stadium. Jean Tate (@jbtcarolina) “Don’t do it.Too much money.Too rushed”. Another constituent Sam Franchi-alfaro (@SamAndHisMusic) “I’m glad it’s going to be public. But I am not in favor of the proposal. Money should be spent elsewhere”. Well, the Mayor heard you. Meeting cancelled. Crisis diverted.

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