RESISTbot Makes It Easy To Contact Your Elected Officials Via TEXT
RESISTbot: Easy Access Text Option To Elected Officials is an organization that describes itself as a ‘A group of volunteers deeply opposed to the direction of the country’.  In response, RESISTbot is the ‘voice of the grassroots to congress’. With this program, access to your elected officials is only a TEXT away.

American citizens now more than ever are engaging in the political process to bring about change in current policies, regulations, and domestic and global outreach that promotes inclusiveness, indicative of the democracy the U.S. constitution was founded on, and view as lacking in the current GOP Presidential Administration. In response, several high profile marches have been organized successfully, primarily through the use of social media, such as  ‘Women’s March On Washington’, ‘Moral March’, A Day Without Mexicans, and Muslim Ban. Each march while starting with a primary theme, the overarching message and focus was protecting, Civil Rights, LGBT Rights, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, and promoting overall Equality for all American citizens.

Peaceful protest, marches, and overall civic involvement have been trending upward, and are at an all time high, and Millennials are a significant component in driving the numbers. According to a 2015 UCLA’s CIRP Freshman Survey nearly 1 in 10 incoming first-year students expects to participate in student protest while in college. This interest in political and civic engagement is the highest since the study began 50 years ago.

Protest and marches offer that all important visual of the issues, and that ‘Old School’ community connectedness, and social media thrust them to the forefront for a level of visibility that demands attention from legislators to take action. Utilizing the world of high Tech, with use of a simple TEXT, RESISTbot is offering citizens immediate and assured non-partisan access to political leaders that have the power to impact change in their day to day lives through legislative decisions. Combing technology and social media, was an innovative nuance former President, Barack Obama was first to understand and implement for an unbeatable campaign, that has now become a go to strategy to connect and engage citizens.