During North Carolina’s ‘Early Voting’ period, which started October 20th, and ends November 5th, identified some interesting anomolies at the polls. In North Carolina’s historically Republican Districts, or the ‘Red Zone’, the multifaceted followers of Hillary Clinton, came out in record numbers and cast their votes proudly, and with a great deal of enthusiasm. As volunteers offered ‘Blue Ballots’ or ‘Red (Green) Ballots’ with non-partisan candidates listed to assist voters in decision for the crucial Judicial offices, that includes Supreme Court Justices, voters often declined the ‘Red (Green)’, and took the ‘Blue Ballot’ instead. Important to note, both Republican and Democrat volunteers got along swimmingly, encouraging voters to take the others ballot. If a voter slipped past a volunteer, they would alert one another.

So the question becomes, is the switch in party in a historically Republican District due to changes in demographics, or an indictment on the prospect of a Trump Presidency?