Bill Cosby Guilty
The Verdict | Bill Cosby Guilty

Bill Cosby Guilty

Whether or not you believe in his guilt or innocence, a jury found Actor Bill Cosby guilty of all three charges of ‘Aggravated Indecent Sexual Assault’ against accuser Andrea Constand, as confirmed by accusers attorney Gloria Allred. Allred’s response to Cosby’s guilty verdict during a news conference held by on the courthouse steps filled with emotion and elation for the women that she represented, “Justice has been done.” The verdict was handed down on Thursday April 26, 2018 as the nation watched. Originally, Bill Cosby Charged with three class II felony offenses on December 30, 2015, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Cosby first stood trial for the ‘Sexual Assault’ charges in June 2017. In what must have been a devastating blow for Cosby’s accusers, the first attempt at justice ended in a mistrial. Cosby would not be as fortunate for the second trial.


Bill Cosby Sentenced

Having been found guilty of ‘Aggravated Indecent Sexual Assault’, Bill Cosby was sentenced to undergo a Sexually Violent Predator Assessment by ‘Sexual Offenders Assessment Board’, as specified in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. William H. Cosby Jr. order dated April, 27, 2018. According to, eighty (80) year old Bill Cosby may be facing a possible 30 year sentence for the felony offense.

Me Too | The Beginning Of The End

As a result of the courageous thirty-three (33) women that came forward and spoke out with a resounding ‘Me Too’, and those who bravely took their place on the stand and testified, no doubt was the beginning of the end and the ultimate undoing of Actor/Comedian Bill Cosby. Actress and Cosby accuser, Lili Bernard hopes the outcome of this retrial will have a far-reaching impact. Bernard stated during an interview of the guilty verdict, “I hope this will encourage other victims of sexual assault to find the courage to speak out.” Attorney Gloria Allred offered an insight into the verdict and the potential impact of women having the courage to come forward stating, “Women are believed and not only on #MeToo, but in a court of  law.”

Once known as America’s favorite Dad, from his hit sitcom ‘The Cosby Show’, his name now is now synonymous with sexual predator. No matter the sentence for Bill Cosby, the message resonates loud and clear that ‘Times up’.

A Sign Of The 'Times Up' Movement
A Young Bill Cosby | The Beginning

A Sign Of The ‘Times Up’ Movement

This very public portrayal of the accused, now convicted Bill Cosby as a sexual predator may be the definitive beginning of the end of an era of blatant misuse of power in Hollywood, and eventually across the nation’s workspace. Women across the nation are watching, and await the day antiquated policies and protocols will be revised to actually empower all women to stand in the light of their personal truth and be acknowledged and supported.

These incidents of sexual misconduct did not start with Mr. Cosby, but the hope of his accusers is he will be made an example of a movement that says, ‘Times Up’.

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