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The phrase and hashtags Thank You ‘Black Women’ continues to trend on social media. Why the recent adulation for ‘Black Women’? Many contend ‘Black Women’s’ votes, along with Black men, decided the Alabama Senate Election in favor of Democrat Doug Jones. Black women voted against Moore, and overwhelmingly for Democrat Doug Jones for Alabama State Senate, with 98% of their vote. A significant number of Black Men voted for Jones as well, 93%.

Thank You Black Women
98% of Black Women Vote for Doug Jones

One popular ‘Gif’ on Twitter with the statement and Hashtags, ‘Black women coming to save Alabama from Roy Moore like…..#AlabamaSenateRace #blackwomen’, featured a Black Women as a super hero. Another Gif that features Iyanla Vansant, host of ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’ on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN, with the caption ‘Not on our watch’, as she forcibly slams her fist on a table. Finally, one of many versions of the Gif featuring Beyoncé and her tribe of women marching in succession. In this case, presumably Black Women headed to the polls in Alabama to vote for Doug Jones and save the day.


Doug Jones political opponent, Republican Roy Moore was fraught with a consistent stream of controversy. One challenge with Moore, he openly dismisses the ‘Bill of Rights’. Moore’s statement in a video shared by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd sheds light on his stance of the Constitution, citing, “Our rights don’t come from the government, they don’t come from The Bill of Rights, they come from all mighty God.” Moore’s statement implies his political position is that a Citizen’s rights are based on religious principles. His interpretation of Citizen’s rights is in direct opposition of the intent of the Establishment and Free Exercise Clause of the ‘First Amendment’ of the Constitution that declares separation of Church and State.

Most prominent, the allegations of Moore’s sexual misconduct and assault involving minor girls. Many of Moore’s accusers were under the age of 18 years old, as such, many are calling his actions in pursuit of these young girls indicative of a Pedophile. Republican Roy Moore’s pending allegations of sexual misconduct for many women, more specifically ‘Black Women’, was an apparent deal breaker in casting their vote for the next Alabama State Senator.


Votes against Republican Roy Moore suggest a moral conclusion in women’s decision of him as a man. Politically, women’s votes against Moore was perhaps an indictment of principles. The final vote count in the Alabama State Senate Election a statement to all that no leader in any political office can be affective in protecting all people if they are not responsible in appropriate care for their most vulnerable citizens, children.

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