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John McCain | Civic Inspired Moment-Trust, In His Name

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For ExpressYourselfBlog’s first official, ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign 4th of July launch, we thought it fitting to honor a war hero, John McCain. A man who made great sacrifices to protect our country and its Citizens. As such, ExpressYourselfBlog’s first ‘I Am A Civic Citizen’ Campaign Civic Inspired share is about a special personal moment from the campaign trail during the McCain/Obama Presidential Election year, that inspired trust, in his name.

Voter Registration

During a Voter Registration Drive to ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV), held during the McCain/Obama Election season I approached a young family at a Food Court in the mall, a Mother and Father with their infant. I inquired and confirmed they were new to the city and needed to register to vote. The wife was very engaging. The man, a Father was a bit more guarded and perhaps protective of his family in general. He appeared reluctant to complete a Voter Registration Form from a stranger, that contained sensitive personal information. His apprehension was certainly understandable and respected.

At some point, the man mentioned he supported John McCain. I had just recently watched an amazing documentary that highlighted the horrific circumstances McCain had to endure as a prisoner of war. I was very moved by the sacrifices he made to protect his fellow prisoners, his country and its Citizens. Because of who his Father was, McCain was offered an opportunity to go home and leave the prison camps. In doing so he would need to leave fellow captives behind. He refused, as a result, he endured approximately five more years at the hands of his war captives, per PBS/Frontline details in the documentary.

Trust, In His Name

I spoke from the heart to my respect for John McCain’s heroism. After concluding my impassioned speech, the man extended his hand and took the Voter Registration Form from me. That was a pivotal moment that made an emotional connection. He completed the Form on the spot and handed it back to me. In that moment I felt such a sense of honor that this stranger entrusted me with this sensitive information. This process is not unusual. This man, however, was initially apprehensive and by the end of the conversation, the trust had ensued.

I really felt an added layer of intensity and obligation to ensure the form reached its destination as quickly as possible. I realized what was so powerful about that Citizen exchange was the McCain factor. John McCain brought two Citizens together in trust, in his name. Truly a ‘Civic Inspired’ moment for me, and a story I have told many times. As with all of the Voter Registration Forms, I ensured they went out in the mail that day. As a fellow Citizen, this was such a proud moment and one I will never forget.

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